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Part 1 of 4

Note from the John Graham Defense Committee: The following is documentation and observations from the four-day trial of Arlo Looking Cloud. Most of the information has been provided by an independent journalist present at the trial, documenting testimony and providing some insight in the precedings. While the testimony has not been taken from the official transcripts (we have not yet received them), we believe it to be an accurate accounting of the trial.

Day 1

Jury Selection

After jury selection, Defense and Prosecution gave opening statements, both of them essentially agreeing Arlo Looking Cloud was there at the crime scene; and then the State called Roger Amiotte and showed grisly photographs of the unidentifiable body, blackened skin, maybe — hard to tell much. Hard to know if they are the authentic photographs, for that matter.

Nathan Merritt was called, a former BIA criminal investigator, who explained that the body's hands were too far decomposed to get fingerprints so they had to be cut off and sent to the Lab in Washington DC. He also said at the initial "examination" at the IHS hospital in Pine Ridge, that no x-rays were taken of the body —despite the fact that Johanna Brand and Kevin McKiernan in their 1978 book, 'The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash," said dental x-rays were taken, as did Ward Churchill in a 1986 "Z Magazine" article, going so far as to expostulate such a dental x-ray would have found a bullet in the cranium, saying, "I was told the machine was broken."

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