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Statement opposing the extradition of John Graham

KWIA (Coordination of Working groups on Indigenous Affairs)
A support group for indigenous peoples

St. Niklaas, Belgium

December 28, 2003

KWIA, a support group for indigenous peoples, wishes to drawn your attention to the arrest of John Graham.

In the middle of the Wounded Knee maelstrom was Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash, a striking mother with a fiery devotion to American Indian Rights. Anna Mae
was one of a very few women prominent within AIM, and her dedication to the cause made her a larger-than-life figure. But ultimately Anna Mae, like many
others, found that life on the Pine Ridge Reservation could be frighteningly cheap.

In December 1975, she was killed with a gunshot to the back of the head.

In this case, John Graham is charged with the murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash - John Graham a friend and colleague in the American Indian
Movement. John Graham has repeatedly stated that he is not guilty of this crime.

John Graham was arrested in Vancouver, BC, on Monday, December 1. The U.S. is expected to seek his extradition to stand trial for the murder of Anna Mae
Pictou-Aquash. The U.S. government has sixty days from the arrest on December 1, to make their case for extradition.

Leonard Peltier recently stated, "I fear that John Graham will not receive a fair trial in the U.S. anymore than I did. I must remind you, it is court record that the FBI lied to extradite me back to the U.S.".

KWIA encourages you to examine the facts around the history of how the FBI extradited John Graham's fellow activist, Leonard Peltier, and to encourage Canada's Justice Minister Irwin Cotler to direct his officials to thoroughly scrutinize the evidence presented by the U.S.

Justice is long overdue in the December 1975 killing of Mi'qmak activist Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash. Not only must those responsible be identified and
brought to trial, but there must also be scrupulous respect for due process and fair trial proceedings.

KWIA opposes the extradition of John Graham to the U.S.


Martina Roels


Gorinchemstraat 52
B-9100  St.Niklaas

E-mail: martinaroels@skynet.be