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Regarding the Arrest and Detention of Mr. John Graham

Menschenrechte 3000
Freiburg, GERMANY

December 14, 2003
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Within the past weeks, we have followed the arrest and detention of Mr. John Graham in Canada as closely as possible.
We know Mr. John Graham from (our) cooperation in the 1980s with regard to indigenous peoples’ issues and environmental issues.  Mr. Graham had visited Europe and this is where we (met) him.
We are seriously concerned about his case, especially about a possible extradition to the United States of America.
The allegations that Mr. Graham would have been involved in the murder of Ms. Anna Mae Aquash brings to mind the circumstances under which Mr. Leonard Peltier has been extradited from Canada --- as far as we understand, illegally --- many years ago.
It is a well-known fact within the International community that  Mr. Peltier has been sentenced on false and fabricated evidence.
The events on the Pine Ridge reservation and surrounding (areas), the human rights violations going on there, and consecutive events have been followed by European human rights organisations over the years.
Thus, we are deeply concerned about the safety of Mr. John Graham and the legality of the procedures in Canada, with regard to a possible extradition to the United States of America.
Günter Wippel
MENSCHENRECHTE (Human Rights) 3000

P. O. Box 5102
79018 Freiburg,
Phone: (+49) 7636-791215
E-mail: GunterWippel@aol.com