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Letter of support by the Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations - Yukon

Whitehorse, Yukon

December 18, 2003

Attn: The Supreme Court of British Columbia
800 Smyth Street
Vancouver, B.C.


I am writing to you in my capacity as Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief representing the Yukon.

This is in regards to the case of John Graham, who has been arrested and is currently being held in custody awaiting, as I understand, an extradition hearing. Mr. Graham is a resident of the Yukon and a member of the Champagne & Aishihik First Nation.

The allegations against him have been discussed in the community for many years and to my knowledge Mr. Graham has never shown any indication of hiding out or attempting to evade arrest or capture by escaping the jurisdiction while living in the Kwanlin Dun Community.

We in the community believe that it is important that he be free to adequately prepare for his extradition. In hearing this it is our hope that he will be home with his family for the Christmas season.

As Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief for the Yukon, I write to express my concern that Mr. Graham be treated in accordance with Canada's own laws as well as its international treaties and agreements. Whatever may be the charges against him, Mr. Graham is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and to be treated fairly.

I look forward to your written confirmation that Mr. Graham will be treated fairly and in accordance with Canadian law and our international treaties and agreements.


{Original Signed}

AFN Yukon Regional Chief Rick O'Brien