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E-Mail :

Please send all general e-mail enquiries to info[@]grahamdefense.org.

Letter Mail:

For correspondence by mail, including media and information requests, financial contributions, letters of support for John Graham, and all other postage, please send to:

John Graham Defense Committee
1424 Commercial Drive Box #21616
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5L 3X0

Committee Contacts:

  • Dr. Lyla May Yip (Vancouver contact)

  • Naneek Graham (daughter of John Graham)

  • Chusia Graham (daughter of John Graham)

  • Viola Papequash (former partner of John Graham)

  • Matthew Lien, Media Relations (long-time friend of John and family)

  • Günter Wippel (Freiburg, Germany), European Contact
    (long-time Native rights supporter and human rights advocate)

  • Miles Goldstick (Uppsala, Sweden), European Contact
    (long-time friend of John and family)

Thank you for your support of truth and justice,

The John Graham Defense Committee