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Jennifer Wade, February 13, 2021

I do most certainly believe John Graham is an innocent man. His story has remained absolutely consistent from the time I met him through all the times I heard him speak.

His own lawyer at his Hearing, Terry Laliberte, once said to me as we were leaving the courthouse that as a criminal lawyer who had dealt with many cases, he had never dealt with a less criminal person than John.

I feel that it was tragic John Graham was extradited on purely circumstantial evidence because of a woman judge agreeing to the request from the United States rather than seeing that the more relevant questions were yet to be answered.

It is also bad luck that a man called Ecoffey, whom John described as a long-time enemy in the American Indian Movement but now an FBI agent, convinced Anna Mae's daughters he knew who their mother's killer was and he named John. John feels that was an act of revenge. Ecoffey is now married to Banks' widow.

All of John's family is completely behind him, and I have only heard them say what a loving and caring person he has been in their lives.

Jennifer Wade* OBC, 13 February 2021
Vancouver, BC

* Order of British Columbia (OBC) 2017, and Amnesty International-Vancouver BC Chapter Founder.