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Statements on the Extradition of John Graham

Dr. Edwin Daniel, Janaury 28, 2021

I join Larry Hannant in deploring the extradition of John Graham to the USA on a charge for which there was no evidence and no trial. Instead he was tried and convicted under another charge which would probably not have led to his extradition. This is unacceptable and possibly illegal. Canada should demand his return home.

Dr. Edwin Daniel, January 28, 2021
Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta

Robert J. Currie, September 14, 2020

John Graham was extradited for one crime but tried for another. Canada's Minister of Justice waived the application of the rule of specialty, which is designed to protect people from exactly this kind of unfairness, and gave Graham no chance even to make submissions. What's more, the offence of which he was convicted, felony murder, is not a crime in Canada because it is inconsistent with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Graham's case is among several that show an obvious imbalance; at some point, the government of Canada must stop prioritizing comity over fairness.

Robert J. Currie, September 14, 2020
Professor of Transnational Criminal Law
Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Larry Hannant, September 3, 2020

The extradition of John Graham from Canada to the United States in 2007 is another deplorable case of the Canadian government acceding to the U.S. government's political trials agenda. It is clear now that, as with the extradition of Leonard Peltier in 1976, the U.S. government misled the government of Canada legally in the extradition. To its discredit, the government of Canada went along with a deliberately distorted process. Justice requires that John Graham be released from prison in the U.S. and returned to Canada immediately.

Larry Hannant, Sepetember 3, 2020
Adjunct Associate Professor, History, University of Victoria