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Statement by Nicoline, September 18, 2008

Nicoline and JohnJohn Graham is my partner.  Our relationship began in the summer of 1999, and since that time we have lived, worked, and traveled together.  We have experienced both good and bad times and John tells me I know him better than anyone alive.  I know, in my heart and in my gut, that John just does not have it in him to cause harm to anyone.  I know his reverence for all life is genuine.  You can’t fake that kind of character.  I know he is sincere when he talks about his love and respect for his grandma, who is his greatest influence.  She affected him deeply and she taught him, as John says, “the spirit of sharing and caring”, when he was a very young child.  I have witnessed how he treats people and how he speaks of them privately, how he listens to strangers, friends, and neighbors alike with a welcoming calmness.   John has a true respect for others and an inner strength that shines through in all he says and does.   He is non-confrontational. In fact, I have never heard him raise his voice to anyone.  He is easygoing, asserts himself quietly and with strength, and is not a man who would take orders - from anyone - to hurt another man, woman or child.

I know John Graham to be an honest, intelligent, and decent man. He has never treated me with anything but love, respect, care, patience and humor.  I miss him every day and night.