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Letter from Chief Te Kapilano of the Squamish Nation

March 1, 2005

I, Chief Te Kapilano of the Squamish Nation: excersise my inherent right from the Creator

I, issue a Royal Decree for John Graham (Shadleeta)

I, Chief Te Kapilano state that

John Graham (Shadleeta) is under my territorial protection and trust

That all bail sureties, properties and monies be returned

That his house arrest be lifted, so he can work

That the daily report to the police station, be once a week

John Graham (Shadleeta) has assured me, he is not a flight risk and wants to see justice prevail for Annie Mae Pictou Maloney Aquash

To assure this

I, Chief Te Kapilano, excersise my inherent right from the Creator
To call a tribunal to look at all aspects of the case

Order in Council (UK) 9 March 1704

Sublimus Deus 1537 (papal bull)*

Chief Te Kapilano


* Note by the John Graham Defense Committee: In 1537, Pope Paul III published the encyclical Sublimis Deus, which declared the natives of the New World to be rational beings with souls who must not be enslaved or robbed.