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Letter from Secwepemc Native Youth Movement

Secwepemc Native Youth Movement

February 20, 2005

Secwepemc NYM Announces Official Support for John Graham.

Secwepemc Native Youth Movement stands with our Brother John Graham.

Secwepemc NYM believes that no Indian should be forced into the white manís courts or prisons. The white man has come here to our Land and invaded every aspect of our lives. They have waged war on us and that has forced us to fight back and resist their invasion and forced assimilation. When we fight for the freedom of our People we have always been criminalized and thrown in their prisons. This is not new and this will keep on happening until we are Free.

To our brother John Graham keep on fighting, stay strong.

Warriors Unite. Free Leonard Peltier.

In the Spirit of Resistance,
Secwepemc Native Youth Movement