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E-mail from BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education to Honorable Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler

From: "D Wilson" <dwilson@prp.sd41.bc.ca>
To: <Cotler.I@parl.gc.ca>
Subject: BC Teachers Objection to John Graham Extradition
Date sent: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 10:14:47 -0800

To the Honourable Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler,

BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education, a provincial specialist association concerned with justice and human rights, would like to express concern regarding John Graham, a Canadian citizen and member of Champagne First Nation in the Yukon, who was arrested December 1, 2003 at the request of the United States for the alleged murder of Anna Mae Aquash, also a Canadian citizen and First Nation member of the Miqmaq Nation.

Given the extent of irregularities and misinformation involved in the recent convictions of co-accused Arlo Looking Cloud and in Leonard Peltier's trial and extradition from Canada on the basis of false affidavits submitted by the FBI, we are concerned that a fair trial is not probable in the United States.

We respectfully request that you exercise your ministerial discretion and refuse to extradite John Graham to the United States. If a trial is to proceed it should occur on Canadian soil to protect the sovereignty of Canada and Canadian Citizens.

Donald J. Wilson
BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education
100-550 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4P2