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Link to the transcripts:


The United States of America vs. Fritz Arlo Looking Cloud

Court Trial Transcripts

February 2004

Rapid City, South Dakota

The following pages are a duplication of the original court trial transcripts in the case of The United States of America vs. Arlo Looking Cloud.

Governmental agencies do not seem to want to support the inalienable right of every human being in this country to have full access to public documents FREE OF CHARGE. Therefore, for the benefit of all people, a copy of the original transcripts have been posted here by a private party, who is not connected in any way to the court proceedings, or to any political group.

DISCLAIMER: The original document was automatically scanned and then automatically formatted by a Word program. It has been carefully proofread. Any errors or misspellings occurring in content from the original document are unintentional and mechanically produced, and no liability will be assumed. Other apparent errors are in the actual original document; for instance, on page 3 it will be noted that "Kamook finished high school in 1927 at seventeen years old," and, on page 384, Nilak Butler is referred to as "Miwak" Butler. These entries are either courtroom misstatements, court stenographer errors, or other court-related clerical errors.